Frequently asked questions


When will I receive my order?

Instock items will be shipped out the next working days (Monday - Friday) Expect to receive it those who opt for: Doorstep Delivery (1-2 business days) - Preferable to opts Same day Delivery (4-9hours) Pre-order items usually will be arrived within around 14 business days Once your item reached, we will pack your item straight away / next working days (Monday - Fridays) Expect to receive it those who opt for after your item reached our sides: Doorstep Delivery (1-2 business days) - Preferable to opts Same day Delivery (4-9hours) "Please note however, that if your order has a combination of In Stock and Pre-order items, we will reserve the In Stock item for you whilst waiting for the Pre-order item to arrive. Once all items have reached us, we will complete the order and deliver it to you."

Do you ship international?

We are not shipping internationally right now.

Can i request self collection?

Yes, of course. You may reach out to us to set up an appointment so that we can have someone available to attend to you and pass you the items. Do make sure you have the proof of purchase and appointment confirmation with you. If you opted for self-collection upon checkout, you should receive a SMS/Email once your parcel is ready for collection. Self collection place will be listed on check out page.

Can i request same day deliveries?

Yes, our shipping options are designed to be simple and flexible to suit your needs. Same-day deliveries will be fulfilled under our Shipping Plus option (+$15) from Monday to Friday between 10am -10pm. Do confirm with us on the availability to avoid disappointment.

I haven't receives my parcel yet?

We're sorry if you're experiencing this. If you have the order number from your confirmation email, you may drop us an email and we will be glad to run a check for you. Do notes normal mail we are not liable if the parcel is lost so we preferably that you opts for doorstep courier delivery.

Courier Delivery (Tracking)

All parcels sent by courier delivery will be charged a $4-$4.50 flat rate. Free delivery for orders above $50.

Same Day Delivery (Tracking)

All parcels sent by courier SAME DAY delivery will be charged a $15+ flat rate.


Is BeautyLippies a E-Commerce store?

Yes, we sell instock and preorder items BeautyLippies started in 2018 as an online ecommerce store. We offers a curated selection of indie beauty products at your fingertips. As of now, we carry a wide range of brand around the globe. you may contact us if you cant find any brands you would like to purchase here beautylippiestore@gmail.com / click contact menu to chat with us.

How long does the preorder usually takes?

Preorder Items usually takes around 14 business days to reach in singapore. Moreover, all products are directly purchased from USA and around the globe.

Are your products authentic/genuine?

Yes of cos! All of products sold on BeautyLippies are 100% authentic / genuines! Our products are bought directly from USA and around the globe! We believe in full transparency,

What is Instock / Preorder items means?

Instock items are mean the items is available right now for your purchase. so therefore you may add to cart and expected to receives your item by 3-5working days Pre-order items are items that have been sold out at the time of your purchase. We will need to restock them and have them shipped in, which is the reason for the longer processing time. usually take around 14 working days.

Do you have a physical store in singapore?

Right now, not at the moment!. Currently, we are only available online. So which mean affortable price for you to purchase your indie beauty items here!

What are your operation hours and packing day?

We usually operation 24/7 but however we may need to take time to reply you asap. We operate packing your items from Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays. If your order is submitted during operating hours (Monday - Friday). we will pack and mail your item on the day itself / next working days. However if your item is submitted on fridays we will mail your item on the next working day which is next monday. Courier delivery will usually arrange pick up on next working days.(Monday - Saturday)


Do I need an account with BeautyLippies in order to make a purchase?

Yes you need, creating an account with us allows you to take advantage of faster and easier shopping. Top benefits of creating an account - To help you and us to track your order & shipping status.
- Easily to update your information through emails - Gain Reward through our Beautylippies rewards

How do I create an account at BeautyLippies?

Easy! You may proceed to the top right corner and click on Log in (Sign up) This process generally takes less than a minute to complete. In addition, a welcome confirmation email will be sent once your submission has been received! After confirming, you may start to shop your item on our website

Order, Payment & Promo Code

Can i cancel or amend my order?

Amendments or cancellations can't be made once an order has been placed. We always want to make sure your order's delivered to you as quickly as possible, so it's sent for processing as soon as an order is placed.

How do i know did my order go through?

You should receive an order confirmation email within minutes of submitting your order. The email may sometimes end up in your junk/spam folder, in which case, please help us by marking as non-spam so that further updates will reach your inbox. If you did not receive any order confirmation email after placing your order, do not worry. Reach out to us and we'll look into it.

How do i know my payment get through

Once you recieves your order confirmation invoice u may upload your payment receipts for us to verfiy. Once verify we will email back to you and do look out for your shipment invoice from us.

Which payment methods we accepted?

We accept payment via Paynow, Paylah, Google-pay. we will be working on credit card payment soon. If this is not your preferred payment mode, you may reach out to us. We'll do our best to help you.

Why my promo code is not working

Your discount code might have expired, does not met the minimium requirement or a technical glitch might have occured. If you are able to confirm the discount code has not expired, please reach out to us.